The Houses of Parliament are recognised as one of the world’s most iconic listed buildings with millions of tourist visiting London each year to visit this and other historic sites across London.

Therefore when a tricky job needed to be undertaken within the Houses of Parliament, All Seasons were appointed to deliver an effective solution to a key area adjacent to the main chamber of the House.

All Seasons Technical Director Michael Langford and his design team studied the requirements needed to deliver an effective replacement for the existing Hitachi R22 VRF systems which had become unreliable.

After careful consideration Daikin’s R22 VRV replacement technology was chosen and a suitable design produced by All Seasons and installed over a two week period ensuring minimal disruption.

One of the key technical areas identified by All Seasons related to the existing system pipework. Whilst this pipework was going to be reused and the Daikin system had the capability to ‘self-clean’ the pipework, site service records showed a significant number of system failures resulting in high levels of contaminants within the pipework. To overcome this problem All Seasons used a unique pipework flushing system which thoroughly cleaned the existing pipework prior to the fitting of new Daikin Refnet joints and VRV equipment.

Since installation the systems installed have enjoyed 4 years of trouble free operation and have delivered substantial savings on both energy running costs, Reductions in CO2 emissions and low service and maintenance costs.




Jul 9, 2018