O Farm are the world’s leading hydroponic fodder production company based near Windsor, Berkshire.

The system developed by the company provides high volumes of nutritious sprouting fodder from seed to feed in 7 days, 365 days a year.

The team at H2O Farm approached All Seasons to provide an effective climate control solution which could deliver a closely controlled environment.

All Seasons Technical Director Michael Langford worked with H2O farm Managing Director Howard Campion and H2O Farm Engineering Director Keith Harris to develop a combined, cooling, heating and ventilation system capable of maintaining a constant room condition.

The resulting system combined Daikin one way blow heat pump systems with a Daikin VAM heat recovery ventilation system all controlled via an innotech PLC based control package.

Howard Campion commented…

H2O FARM have fodder production facilities all over the UK, both large and small. At every site it is essential that we maintain temperature and humidity within strictly controlled parameters, along with providing regular air changes within these buildings. All Seasons listened well

to our objectives from the outset and have delivered exactly what was required every time. Our first ALL SEASONS install is heading for its 4th anniversary and is testament to the good advice, correct product and skilled workmanship from All Seasons Technical Director Michael Langford and his team.




Jul 9, 2018