In the modern age there has been much discussion about the poor performance of UK employees when compared to other developed countries.

Whilst the reasons for this are wide and varied one of the key factors affecting employee performance within the workplace is largely down to the work environment.

Poor workplace environments manifest themselves in a number of ways many of which are outlined within the governments “workplace amenities and work environment” code of practice.

Under “Temperatures” it states “Workplaces that are buildings need to be capable of maintaining a temperature range that is comfortable and suitable to the work. Workplace temperatures that are too high or too low can contribute to fatigue, heat illness and cold related medical conditions”.

In the 21st century as competition for the best employee’s increases between companies those that offer not only the best remuneration package but also the best work environment will win through and have the pick of the best candidates.

At All Seasons Climate Control we practice what we preach and have created a spacious modern office at our new 10,000 sq ft offices in Loughton, Essex.

As well as generous/spacious work stations employees benefit from a comfortable well ventilated climate controlled workplace complete with staff breakout areas, a comfortable kitchen/dining area for meal breaks, staff gymnasium and changing/shower facilities to freshen up after a workout.

As a responsible employer by creating the right place to work for our staff we have helped to optimise performance/output, reduced problems such as workplace illness and created a positive “feel good factor” that benefits colleagues and customers alike.

Eddie Maxwell – All Seasons Managing Director  commented.

“Staff well-being is central to how we do business, happy staff who work in a comfortable relaxed environment perform better and in turn this feed directly through to and benefits our customers.

In terms of overall cost the investment is tiny when balanced against the benefits”




Jul 9, 2018